Bertie and Nicola, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for one of the best times I have ever had.You both made the experience warm and welcoming. Fantastic horses in a beautiful facility. I will tell all my friends about one of the most magical times I have ever spent. Thanks again.


California, US

Thank you very much for all! It was really marvellous! April 2011


You have a wonderful facility and I wish you all the best! Summer 2010


California, US

The restauration was very good at the centre, simple and excellent food, very good service and excellent Irish breakfast in the morning. Light but good food at lunch. Very good saddles, well maintained and good system with the pads to protect the horses backs. Very nice and competent guides, they know very well the horses and the region. April 2011.



June 2011 Nicola and Bertie are exceptional hosts! Their many years of experience provide a seamless schedule that affords you the opportunity to truly relax and enjoy their OUTSTANDING horses and beautiful countryside. We were amazed at the immaculately clean (and wonderfully comfy) tack and daily blacksmith visits. They look after their horses with as much care as their guests and that makes for happy horses, thus happy riders.

Nicola and Bertie’s hand-picked guides were a delight, catering to any need we had on the trail and always putting our safety first. I wish I could have brought my sweet mount Colleen home with me. I already miss her sweet eye and wonderfully smooth ride! The delicious food, comfortable accommodations, amazing rides and overall experience were an exceptional value for the price we paid for the trip. Thanks Stacey, Nicola and Bertie for a wonderfully fun and safe riding vacation.

Holly Gauthier 

This trip was AMAZING! Everything was perfectly coordinated. The accommodations were stellar & the renovated farmhouse is just so adorable. I also can't say enough about the food @ the farmhouse, as all the meals were gourmet caliber & extremely fresh!

Nicola did a great job pairing me with my horse & I had a great time as Coleen cantered through the pine tree forests, the turf fields, the lake & of course along the Atlantic! Each day was a perfect mix of scenery, history, walk, trot & canter. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime! Will definitely recommend to all my friends! April 2011


Boston, US

This was my first vacation out of the US and I was so happy to go. I look forward to going again with my husband for our 10 year anniversary. I took the Galway-Clare ride (I didn't make the burren). The host and hostess were absolutely the delightful, the horses a joy to be around and overall a great relaxing vacation. The food was wonderful and the Irish people I met were very friendly. I am an experienced rider but on my trip most of the people were not but still had fun due to the quality and training of the horses.

Kate M.

Thank you very much Bertie and Nicola for this very nice trail ride.All was perfect, my horse Cladaagh was very pleasant,the weather clement (6days without rain!) and could one's more be appreciative of Irish hospitality.

Thierry Beyer

Thank you again for such a wonderful holiday! Thank you so much for the amazing vacation in your unique place. Also many thanks to superior food.

Birgit and Ulf


What a wonderful vacation. Lovely home, fabulous horses and our hosts and guides were the best. I hope to return soon!!


This trip was everything I could have hoped for. Bertie and Nicola were very professional, excellent trouble shooters and wonderful hosts. The guides were informed about the area, excellent horsewomen and always concerned about our well being and happiness on the rides and back at the riding center. The scenery was varied and breathtaking. Truly,an exciting way to see Ireland. Our accommodations were comfortable and the food very good. The horses are well trained but enthusiastic for the journey. I am an adventurous trail rider and was never bored. Perfect Trip!!!


As I was reviewing my pictures from our adventure I just relived my experience and it was wonderful!! The accommodations, the food, the atmosphere, the riding, everything was beyond my expectations....Thank you.


What a wonderful week. The place to forget we are on earth. Friendly people, relaxed horses, beautiful nature and good food ! Seems unreal but is true. Thanks Corinne

Corinne Di Tizio Schneider

The Burren Trail ride was great. I loved my horse, "Whiskey"; a marvelous guy with a sense of humor. The scenery was fascinating with the Famine Trail being the most memorable. The service, food, guides, accomodations, etc, was very well done. Thanx for the memories.

Mary Kaschak

Lovely horses, great country + people, delicious food. Thanks, I had a wonderful time July 2009



It was truly magical! I left with many fond memories, and I hope to return... July 2009



Thank you for a wonderful time - you have made this trip a wonderful experience. July 2009



Thank you for an amazing experience! I so enjoyed the sharing of your knowledge. happy trail from Texas. July 2009



Thanks for a great adventure; you are truly living the dream! July 2009



Thank you! Simply wonderful - horses, guides, trail, food - your hospitality was great! All in all one of my favourite vacations for sure July 2009



May 2009 The horses, the food, your home, and most of all your hospitality made this a trip of a lifetime. It couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you for everything!



Thank you for a most wonderful time at An Sibin center and across to the west. The ride was everything I wanted it to be! The horses, the food, the people and expecially the gorgeous countryside were all magical. Virginia, Summer 2008



I want to thank you for giving us such a lovely time in Ireland. May 2009



April 2009 Thank you so much for the amazing vacation in your unique place. I had a great time and enjoyed it so much!



May 2009 We so enjoyed our time with you guys. What a trip of a life time, we’ll never forget it! Thank you for showing us what Irish hospitality is all about.



October 2008 Thank you again for such a wonderful holiday!



A Year has passed, however I remember each ride on Sarsfield and your wonderful hospitality vividly. Thank you for many memories. June 2009


New York

Thank you for two most wonerful weeks! I will never forget this trail and my horse Jack! July 2009



I reviewed all the previous comments before writing my own. Every testimonial echoed my experience. The stay was clearly the best vacation of my life. Bertie and Nicola are brilliant hosts and true "horsepersons".

The staff are wonderful. Ireland is the best place for "going out in the nature",having a fine ride on a fine horse (thank you Connie)and perhaps even testing your mettle a bit. My non-riding partner also had a great time. If there were an award to be had, Bertie and Nicola would have ten stars!

Stephanie Taylor

"Is there no place in the world I can get some peace and quiet?" YES!! From the enchanted, beauty of the countryside to the energetic and fun loving guides, to the great food and comfortable living quarters, I can not pick one thing I loved best about my stay! Put this trip on your 'bucket list' if you have any spirit of renaissance and love for planet earth!


I wanted to thank you both for making my trip a good experience and one that although challenging was rewarding. I applaud your choice of Nina for my mount, as she really was perfect for me. In the 6 days of riding, she never put a foot out of place and helped me boost my confidence. Patsy, August 2008


I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your hospitality. You made my dream vacation everything I had hoped for and more! Ireland is so beautiful. And riding horsback was the perfect way to see it. I loved every minute. Linda, September 2008


I want to thank you for a wonderful trip through County Clare on horseback. Your horses were wonderful, your saddles were very comfortable or I would not have lasted six days on the trail! The guides who helped us with the horses were a fantastic group. Of all the trips I have taken (one a year since 1981) yours was the most organized. It was a pleasure the entire time we were with you. I will recommend you to all my friends.


I wanted to write you all and tell you that I had a wonderful time. Bertie was a good friend, he befriended me as a former US Marine. He introduced me to some folks I will never forget! We enjoyed the hospitality and made friends with many along the way! If ever I return to Ireland, I will only book a trip directly with An Sibin Riding Centre. September 2008



“Thank you for a grand vacation. The horses, the food, the countryside all fulfilled and exceeded our expectations. Thank you for running such a terrific ride” Summer 2005


New Jersey

“We spent again a great time on your farm! Thank you very much for everything – it is so relaxing!” Spring 2006

Karen & Sarah


“Thank you again. Our Vacation was one I will never forget. It is all because each and every one of you put so much thought and caring into every aspect. The smallest detail was the most precious…” Summer 2006


North Carolina

I saw your country in the way of the people, not the touristy things that we all do and think we have seen something of the country. Your graciousness, professionalism, and genuine love of the horses will long be remembered. I have never had a more caring host, and have to say how well run I think your organization is. My compliments to your cook - she is a gem. Again, thank you for a wonderful holiday. Patricia, August 2008


I'm still thinking of my trip to Ireland and the incredibly wonderful adventure you took me on! Has to be one of the best vacations ever! This was one of my dreams and you did a fabulous job to make it very special!


Thank you for being such wonderful hosts. I enjoyed my week even more than I thought I would and hope to return some day.


Many thanks for my stay in your riding centre, it is still unforgettable!


Thank you so much for the wonderful riding experience and vacation. I loved your facility - the accommodations were great, the horses super + everyone was so friendly and gracious. The whole week was very well organized and it exceeded all my expectations. Your staff was wonderful! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Ireland - thanks to you!


I took a great risk taking my whole family (4 children and husband) with me on the Burren trail, but the trip was so wonderful, Nicola and Bertie very nice and the horses just gorgeous and adapted to the experience of any of us that I cried when the trip was finished... Thank you again for this wonderful experience!


Thank you for a wonderful Irish adventure. It was a magical holiday that we will always treasure. We'll be back!

Julie and John Michener

Thank you for a wonderful week. It is an amazing ride, with memories to last a lifetime! Thank you for the special hospitality.

Maria + Lauren

“Thank you so much for an absolutely extraordinary Ireland riding vacation trip. As horse owners and enthusiasts we were especially pleased to see how well your horses are cared for and the priority given to their health and well being” Summer 2005

Steve and Jeanne


Through your extensive knowledge of both horse and trail we were able to confidently navigate, at all gaits, the often challenging rides through bogs, across lakes, through mountain forests and over the hauntingly beautiful terrain of the Burren. We not only witnessed the beauty of the Western Irish landscape, we were truly part of it!” Summer 2005



This is a lovely place with wonderful hosts and horses. I accidently left my camera in the room and they found it in the bed frame and mailed it back to me!

Mary Ann Johansen

“Thank you so very, very, very much for your incredible hospitality and for all your congenial and warm friendship to each of us. We have totally enjoyed your cosy and most comfortable home and the wild flowers touched our souls…” Summer 2005



It was our finest holliday of our life . The food was good , the horses were great , the view unbelievable . We will most likely do it again next year

Dirk en Yanick

“You have a beautiful home in a gorgeous area. Our horses were wonderful as were the guides and the food. We just couldn’t have asked for more” Summer 2006



“Thank you for making my first time to Ireland so memorable” Summer 2005



“Thank you very much for the wonderful stay, beautiful rides and not to forget – the very, very good meals” Summer 2006

Kathrin & Christina


“Thank you very much for a wonderful week in your Derrygill cottage. We certainly could not have asked for two better horses – they made our holiday!” Summer 2003

Rob and Catherine


“Thank you for the wonderful trip and experience I had with you, your horses and your country. The land, the people, and the music of your country truly fill my heart and soul” Summer 2006