Horse Sales

Ireland has long been known as “The land of the Horse” and has a worldwide reputation of producing top quality animals with renowned versatility, sturdiness, courage and intelligence.

If you have fallen under the spell of our lovely Irish horses during a riding holiday here, you may find the four-legged friend of your dream just waiting to be taken home. Let us help you with making your dream come true. We also have contacts to other genuine stables and breeders.

For a real taste of Irish tradition you cannot beat a day on an Irish horse fair. It is like stepping back in time and it is as much as the celebration of the horse as it is part of the Irish culture. Witness the spit on the palm and the handshake that seals the deal!

We arrange special tours in the autumn to the famous Ballinasloe horse fair and the Connemara pony sales in the heart of the harsh, but beautiful Connemara mountains. Be prepared to go native as you wander between the horses, ponies, sheep and cattle in the daytime and relax in the ambiance of a castle hotel at night.